About US

Janad Diamond Group is one of the most well-known trademarks registered by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, of the Republic of Yemen. Issued by registration No. 95606 and registration date 15/04/2020.


Janad Diamond Group was founded in 2016 under the registration certificate No. 2/44073 issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Commercial Registrations Department of the Republic of Yemen.

CEO Word

Janad Diamond was founded with massive experience in the contracting and transport business. Janad has the highest international standards in the administrative and technical aspects, which contribute to the delivery, to achieve results and achievements beyond the expectations of customers.

Our Vision

Our commitment to maintaining a leading position in the field of oil services, contracting and construction comes from confidence in our ability to innovate wherever we execute our projects. The ambition of leadership and the passion for excellence make us always strive to be the best in the size and quality of our projects, armed with continuous development of our performance in line with the wishes of our customers, ultimately to strengthen our competitiveness in all projects and activities on which we work locally and globally.

Our Mission

  • Explore horizons to diversify sources and jobs for the new generation.
  • To adhere the work with human life nature, to maximize return, and to promote it by marketing and increasing consumer awareness towards it and its positive benefits to society.
  • Focus on safety in our projects and produce healthy, maintainable and sustainable facilities.

Our Commitments

  • We Invest in their traditional skills, encourages and we open markets for their local products and services.
  • We are committed to our great safety (land) investing our efforts in stimulating recycling projects for purification and treatment of water and clean energy.
  • We do not compromise by trading our quality and safety of the product or service and performance, whether as an investor or as a contractor.

Our Goals

Janad Diamond seeks of contribute to building an effective national economy and sustainable development through our serious, truthful and beneficial services. Our objectives are to develop long-term relationships with active partners to create benefit while continuing to work with global partnerships to share experience and knowledge internally and externally.